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Mobility scooters to meet your needs

At Scooter & Mobilitymart, we house an extensive range of mobility scooters to suit all requirements, serving across Kent, London and the Home Counties. Whether you are looking for a light and compact travel scooter, a heavy duty scooter, or simply a power chair - you can be sure that we can help you.


With our years of experience in mobility aids, we are here to help advise you on the right mobility scooter for you - providing a high quality, personable service - all whilst maintaining competitive prices.

Transportable scooters

Mini or transportable Scooters are designed to be easily dismantled and transported. They are ideal for indoor use and in confined spaces. These scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph and a typical range of around 8-15 miles.


Mid-size scooters

Mid-Size Scooters are not generally easily dismantled but can still be transported. Designed for more substantial use, they can travel outdoors over rougher terrain and have a higher carrying capacity. These scooters have a maximum speed of 4 - 6 mph and a typical range of around 20-25 miles.

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Performance scooters

Performers Scooters are designed for heavy duty use and are capable of carrying larger weights over longer distances. They have full road equipment including lights, indicators and mirrors. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum speed is 8mph for road use switching to 4 mph for pavement use. Designed with full suspension for the most comfortable ride.

Mid size Performance Rascal 480