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Based across Kent - choose from our wide range of wheelchairs and walkers at Scooter & Mobilitymart

Whether you are looking for a wheelchair or walker for mobility or rehabilitation purposes - we have all your needs covered at Scooter & Mobilitymart.


Which type of wheelchair is right for me? Our friendly staff are here to assist you in choosing the right wheelchair or walker for you. We take in to consideration whether you will use it indoors or outdoors (or both), if you need it to get in and out of a car, and whether you are likely to have assistance pushing.


Self-propelled wheelchairs have push rims on the outside of large wheels. The smaller wheeled transit chairs are more manoeuvrable & easier to transport.


Tri-wheel walkers have a swivelling front wheel and two fixed wheels at the back. Four wheel rollators normally have a seat & storage - useful if you need a rest!

Are you looking for a high quality wheelchair or walker across Kent? Call Scooter & Mobilitymart today on:

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Power chairs

Power chairs

Power chairs & electric wheelchairs provide independence and freedom. Suited to indoor and outdoor use, they can often be customised to your individual needs.